Vlasov Denis 

Lawyer and incorporator

Lawyer, Chairman of Bar Association

Work experience in legal sphere – since 2005

Reg. No. in the Registry of Lawyers of Primorsky region 25/1605

Graduated from the Law Institute of the Far Eastern State University.

Areas of practice: legal support in the sphere of foreign economic activity, organization of negotiations, real property disputes.

Telephone: +7 924 730 71 70


Bar Association “Vlasov and Partners” was created as a lawyers’ association in 2014 in Vladivostok city pursuant to the Federal law “On the Legal Practice and Advocacy in the Russian Federation”. The Bar Association provides qualified legal assistance to legal entities and individuals. Key focus areas – counseling on corporate law and legal representation in arbitration and civil courts. Today, the staff of the Bar Association is composed of 9 highly competent legal professionals and lawyers – experts in civil, administrative and criminal law.

Vlasov Denis Vladimirovich is a member of the Bar Chamber of Primorsky region, has long and successful practice and prior experience working with various governmental, law enforcement and judicial agencies.



Anikeeva Elena

Graduated with honors from Far Eastern State University, Law School.
Completed the University of International Economics and Business, Law School, Civil and Commercial Law, Master's degree
2012-2013, Boston University, Law School, Internship, USA.
2008-2020-Beijing residence
Status of lawyer acquired Since 2020
Language ability: Chinese (spoken, written)-good, English (spoken, written)-good
Specialization: Russian-Chinese contract law, Russian-Chinese company law, international trade.
Telephone: +7 950 284 11 29






Roshchupkina Daria

Status: Lead Lawyer

Education: Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education FAR EASTERN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY.

Work experience: since 2012.

Telephone: +7(914)682-8832


Areas of practice:

corporate law, civil law, labour law, administrative law.

Participation in projects:

Transaction support;

Legal due diligence;

Out-of-court dispute resolution, representation of clients in general courts and arbitration courts, including on the matters of contractual delinquencies, tax disputes, appeal of decisions and acts (omissions) of public authorities, consumer protection disputes, labour disputes;

Representation of clients in the course of audits conducted by public authorities;

Legal audits;

Contracts management;

Obtaining of initial permit documentation for construction;

Legal support of the residents of Priority Development Areas and Free Port of Vladivostok.

Representation of clients in the course of enforcement proceedings.

Hobbies: personal advancement, fitness.



Protas Mikhail

Status: Lawyer

Education: Higher

Professional experience: 15+ years in investigative authorities, status of lawyer acquired in 2018.

Telephone: +79147980216


Areas of practice:

- defense in economic- or corruption-focused criminal cases, in particular, against officials and business leaders, including the cases over abuse of office, negligence, misappropriation or embezzlement, fraud, bribery, trading in influence etc.

- family disputes, inheritance disputes

- legal support in the conduct of regulatory and supervisory activities, audits by supervisory authorities

- administrative disputes.

Hobbies: sports, hunting and fishing.