Support of investment projects

Law firm «VladPravo» ® provides support to foreign companies to the Asian-Pacific countries to implement projects in the field of direct investment in Russia. One of the activities of «VladPravo» ® are advising investors to Asian-Pacific countries, lobbying, promotion and protection of their interests, joint activities with foreign investors, including in the sphere of land and construction relationships.

The company's specialists are proficient in spoken English, the skills of business correspondence and have experience negotiating with investors in Asia-Pacific.

The company supports any kind of direct foreign investments on the territory of the Russian Far East, providing the following services:


Type of work:

Price, price per hour

-registration «OOO» on the territory of Primorsky Krai

500 $

-provision of registered adress and Office for rent

On request, from 100$

-obtaining resident status of a free port of Vladivostok

2000 $

- Preparation and coordination of the business plan for a resident free port of Vladivostok

On request, from 1200$

-Maintain accounting records company

from 200 $ in quarter

- Support of transactions with the real estate

from $1000

-Support of transactions on purchase of explored mineral deposits on the territory of DV, including Magadan Oblast, Rep. Sakha (Yakutia)

On request, from $1000

-Legal support of activity of the companies (including the possibility of concluding a Treaty on liability)

From $300 per month (4-x contracts, 2 oral legal advice)

-Legal support of activity of the companies 

The price of the work of the lawyer: $70 /hour

-Protection of interests of the lawyer in criminal cases of various categories of complexity

Price work lawyer: 10 $0 /hour

-Legal Audit

from 1000 $

-Advising the head of the company "VladPravo" ® on strategic issues


within the framework of the project for an agreement

-Organization and support in negotiations

100 $ /hour

-Search of reliable professional partners on an extensive database in different spheres of activity.

under the arrangement, the Commission 10%

-Support the construction of facilities on a turnkey basis

by arrangement

-Technical conditions of permits for construction, commissioning, construction supervision

by arrangement



 «VladPravo» ®  :

Asia-Pacific investors lobbying and organizing support for the investment project in the executive authorities of Primorsky Krai

Lobbying interests of the investor at the level of regional and local authorities. Liaising with representatives of State authorities. Assist investors in obtaining approvals and permits, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Organization of official meetings for foreign investors with representatives of public administrations of regions and cities in Russia, with representatives from major Russian business

Preparation and organization of meetings with representatives of public administrations of regions and cities in Russia, with the representatives of big business to support investment project.

The establishment of joint ventures with a foreign investor, funds and other ventures for investment projects

Joint ventures, foundations and other organizations for the implementation of investment projects can be created both in Russia and in the foreign jurisdiction.

The basis for the creation and operation of joint ventures is agreed between the partners: joint-venture agreement, an investment contract, etc. and distributes Document fixes the percentage ownership of each partner defines the strategy of future enterprise management system and cooperation, the distribution of rights and obligations of the parties, as well as their responsibility, and other essential points.

Selection of land and other real property, attractive for foreign investors

Selection of land and other real estate for investment projects. Evaluation of investment attractiveness of land plots and industrial sites. Development of mechanisms for the use, processing, transfer of land for the formation of industrial parks, placing a particularly significant investment projects, etc.

Russian specialists guarantee a high level of "VladPravo" ®  providing services at optimum cost, maximum comfort when conducting real estate transactions, full understanding of investor legal processes competent protection of investor's rights and interests in transactions of any complexity.

 Selection of business assets

Selection and organization view property assets with the expertise of documents for safe and profitable acquisitions.

Asset classes include:

  • residential and non-residential real estate,
  • premises free destination,
  • plots,
  • property complexes,
  • ready businesses
  • illiquid assets,
  • machinery and equipment,
  • equipment and transport.

Support of transactions on mergers and acquisitions (M & A)

«VladPravo» ®  provides a full range of services on M and A transactions:

  • legal due diligence of the companies involved in the transaction;
  • structuring of the transaction, including a detailed description of each stage of its implementation and the preparation of documents;
  • legal support of transaction;
  • analysis of legal purity of securities and shares in the share capital of the companies involved in the transaction;
  • analysis of legal purity of tangible and intangible assets;
  • evaluation of the tax consequences of transactions M & A;
  • strategy development and reorganization plan taking into account the specific circumstances of legal relations and facing investor objectives.

Due Diligence (legal due diligence)

Professional Due Diligence to identify and assess existing investor legal risks. The results of Due Diligence would lead to effective solutions to address existing shortcomings.

Within the framework of the Due Diligence is carried out:

  • analysis of capital structure and internal documents of the company before the procedure of investment attraction;
  • analysis of business activities and internal company documents under the M and A deals;
  • analysis of reorganization, restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy of the company at any stage;
  • analysis of legal purity of movable and immovable property;
  • analysis of legal purity of intangible assets;
  • analysis of legal purity of securities and shares in the authorized capital;
  • legal estimation of the structure of the deals, including the need for their approval of the company's management bodies and harmonization with regulatory bodies;
  • the legal evaluation of the activities of the company;
  • legal estimation of the shareholders agreements and corporate instruments.


Legal protection of the rights and interests of foreign investors in the Russian courts

  "VladPravo" ®   a range of activities to protect the rights and interests of the investor, with the participation of the authorities at the Federal, regional and municipal levels, using effective tools of extrajudicial and judicial protection.


Promotion of investment project

Support for the project in mass media (media)

Organizing media campaigns (mass media) to publicize the process of realization of the investment project and the creation of positive image of the foreign investor.


For more information on services for foreign investors can obtain from specialists of "VladPravo" ® .

with respect,

Director of the company  "VladPravo" ® 

Denis Vlasov