Participation in judicial disputes

One of our company’s key areas is handling cases in general courts and arbitration courts in respect of disputes arising in connection with:

- non-performance of contracts;

- appeal of the officials’ wrongful legal enactments and acts;

- protection of the construction market members’ interests;

- breaches in the sphere of state procurements

-  violation of antimonopoly laws;

- fiscal offences

Experts of our firm represent our clients in the disputes arising out of supply contracts, contractor agreements, lease agreements, energy supply agreements, contracts of carriage, forwarding contracts, storage agreements and other agreements. Our specialists also provide services of appealing of resolutions by public authorities, rulings in administrative offence cases and other cases in a judicial procedure.

Our employees examine the rules of substantive law and proceedings in detail and thoroughly and diligently prepare for each litigation, thus ensuring the successful protection of the clients’ interests.