Legal support of business

Legal support of business is an overall procedure which includes the support of the company’s activities in all legal aspects: preparation of transactions, consulting, preparation of corporate documents, assistance in holding of meetings and sessions, out-of-court settlement of corporate and labour conflicts.

By selecting the Bar Association “Vlasov, Shtykov and Partners”, you receive your personal lawyer and legal professionals who are always ready to come to your rescue and to provide necessary assistance. At the price lower than a usual lawyer’s salary, the whole team of professionals will work for you, engaging all resources of the Bar Association in solving all your legal problems.

In this way, the costs of staff are minimized: one need not arrange a workplace and make deductions from the lawyer’s salary. And all this without sacrificing functionality: we do not have any vacations or medical leaves.

Today, the companies’ legal support is the core area of the Bar Association activities, which is carried out by its lawyer in the following spheres:

This is the audit of the company’s activities for compliance with law and prevention of possible disputes with counterparties; analysis of the activities for the company’s security against external influence; analysis of the company’s instruments of incorporation, standard contracts and other internal documentation.

The audits of organizations are conducted by supervisory authorities, control authorities, law enforcement agencies and public prosecution office. The consequences of such audits are unpredictable and vary from moral and insignificant financial stress to administrative and criminal prosecution which may result in disqualification or charging of CEO with a criminal offence.
In the best case scenario, CEO will become aware of such acts upon receipt of demand (order, instruction) to provide any documents and data to the auditing authority, but more frequently it happens when the company’s facilities and premises are examined, the documents are seized or the employees are summoned for questioning.
In such situations, the qualified legal support is a must. The lawyers of the Bar Association have considerable practical experience in protection of the clients’ interests in the conduct of auditing activities.

The Bar Association provides legal support in the implementation of business projects. The preliminary analysis of transactions helps to eliminate risks and to protect investments. Our legal professionals and lawyers have a successful track record of legal support of joint venture establishment, entry into loan agreement, supply contracts or lease agreements. Legal support of investment project includes: creation of optimized legal concept of the transaction; organization of the parties’ negotiations; risk assessment and mitigation activities; consulting at the project implementation stage; execution of all necessary documents and providing assistance in subsequent obtaining of statements, licenses and certificates.

Contract is the focal point in the regulation of business and social relationships. The activities of a legal entity are closely associated with contracts. The contract prepared thoroughly and with due regard for all details is the key aspect of a successful transaction. In view of this, the Bar Association is engaged in: drafting of contracts; their legal analysis; analysis of risks of the planned transaction; negotiations.

Establishment of a legal entity consist in preparation of necessary documents and their further submission to the tax inspectorates of Vladivostok city or the Directorate of the Ministry of Justice within Primorsky region. The legal professionals of the Bar Association will help to select or to amend the business legal structure, prepare the texts of the articles of association – the principal and the most important document of the legal entity, as well as the resolution on establishment or reorganization of legal entity, and will submit them for state registration.